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S'more Old Fashioned Kit

S'more Old Fashioned Kit

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Make your own S'mores cocktail with our 'Shmallow Toasted Marshmallow Bourbon Whiskey and King Floyd's Chocolate Bitters


Bourbon Whiskey with notes of smoke, toasted marshmallows, caramelized sugars, & camaraderie. Bundled with chocolate bitters.  



S'mores Old Fashioned: 1oz 'Shmallow / 1 oz Bourbon / .25 oz simple syrup / 6 dashes KF Chocolate bitters. Stir w ice in yarai, strain over big cube / garnish with toasted marshmallow and graham cracker rim. Flavor profile: Sweet, smokey.

King Floyds Old Fashioned: 1 oz 'Shmallow / 1 oz Bourbon / .25 oz simple syrup / 4 dashes KF cherry chocolate bitters. Stir with ice in yarai, double strain neat, garnish with lemon swath. Flavor profile: boozy, citrus.

Spritz: 1.5 oz 'Shmallow /  .5oz fresh lime juice / 4 dashes KF cherry chocolate bitters / 3 slices jalapeno muddled. Add all to shaker tin with ice / shake & double strain over ice into Collins glass / top with ginger beer / garnish with jalapeno and lime. Flavor profile: refreshing, slightly spicy, citrus.  

Cold brew "espresso"  martini: 1.5 oz 'Shmallow / .5 oz bourbon / 1 oz cold brew / 4 dashes KF chocolate bitters. Add all to shaker tin with ice / shake and double strain up / top with frothed heavy cream, garnish with coffee beans. Flavor profile: sweet, bold.